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Tong Xin Ceramics Philosophy

Create Chinese ceramic brand, enrich the home fashion culture, improve the public life connotation, revitalize the national industry as the goal. Carrying the harmonious development, create a century of quality enterprises.


-Global Flowerpot Industry Chain
-Solution Provider


- Beautify the environment with creativity - Let the art praise life


- Customer first - Beauty as the core
- Sharing common goals
- Creating greatness together



A leading brand in the global planter industry



Construction of Global Flowerpot Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park


Launch of fully automated production line


Re-establishment of Tongxin (second plant)


Establishment of Tongxin Company (First Factory)


Established Huiyuan Company


Small-scale production in family workshops


The story dates back to thirty years ago, when five passionate dreamers embarked on their journey. Born in the homeland of world ceramics, they carried a deep love for ceramics. With a shared vision, they aspired to infuse the beauty of ceramics into people’s lives and carry their culture to every corner of the world. Creating ceramics that blend aesthetics, craftsmanship, and practicality, their collective dream led them on a lifelong journey, ultimately giving birth to Tong Xing Ceramics.

Tongxin ceramics factory gate photo, trying to let customers see the most real ceramic factory.
Mid-autumn Festival

Who We Are?

Tongxin Ceramics Limited, established in 2014, focuses on the production of low-temperature dolomite ceramic flower pots with three production bases and a 65,000 square meter industrial park. Supported by water transfer printing, grouting and electroplating technologies, the company focuses on innovation and invests 30% of its profits into R&D. The management team is smart, the R&D team is skillful, and we cooperate with schools to cultivate professionals, inherit European and American culture and art, and devote ourselves to crafts and gifts.

What We Do?

The company mainly deals with ceramic flower pots, succulent flower pots, white ceramic flower pots, large and small flower pots, indoor and outdoor flower pots and other ceramic home furnishing products, which are exported to more than fifty countries such as the United States, Holland, India, Britain and so on. Degraded ceramic flower pots are environmentally friendly and beautiful, especially suitable for home, office, leisure clubs, public places and other environments.

ceramic flower pots showroom
Production process

Production process of ceramic flowerpot

1、Roll forming process
The most obvious difference is that the inside of the flowerpot is round. Our main advantage is that it can be produced by an automatic assembly line, fast speed, stable quality, and cheap price. The disadvantage is that the modeling is relatively single, can only do the design on the surface of the flowerpot, and the limitations of the new product development are relatively large.
2、Grouting process
The inside of the flowerpot can be a shaped shape, such as a quadrilateral or spiral. The main advantage is that no matter what shape can be produced, the disadvantage of slower production in the production line, the quality is not stable (because of the need for artificial production), so the price will be high, the profit is relatively better.

Whether your needs are speed and cost-sensitive or require unique designs and high quality, we can provide you with the right type of product and process sequences.

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