Black & Gold Cup-Shaped Ceramic Flowerpots - China Fábrica Proveedor al por mayor

Introduce an element of luxury to your plant displays with our wholesale customized 8-inch black and gold cup-shaped ceramic flowerpots. These pots are designed to complement any upscale decor, offering a sleek and modern home for a range of plants, including the lush greenery shown in our collection.

  • 14.3*13.2 cm
  • 17.5*16.3 cm
  • 21.5*20 cm
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Luxurious Design

  •  “Luxurious Design – Sleek Black with Gold Accents” Crafted for elegance, these flowerpots exhibit a glossy black finish with striking gold accents at the base and rim, providing an opulent container for plant lovers and interior designers.
Black & Gold Cup-Shaped Ceramic Flowerpots - China Factory Wholesale Supplier

Ideal Sizing

  •  “Ideal Sizing – Perfect Fit for Plant Arrangements” Available in sizes up to 8 inches, our pots accommodate a variety of plants, from petite flowers to sizable green foliage, making them perfect for creating a diverse and vibrant plant arrangement.
Black & Gold Cup-Shaped Ceramic Flowerpots - China Factory Wholesale Supplier

Customization for Wholesale

  •  “Customization for Wholesale – Tailored to Your Specifications” We understand the importance of branding and personalization, which is why we offer customized options for our wholesale buyers. Whether it’s a specific size or design detail, we cater to your unique needs.
White & Gold Cup-Shaped Ceramic Flower pots


Nombre del producto Black & Gold Cup-Shaped Ceramic Flowerpots - China Factory Wholesale Supplier
Nº de artículo W2D29500A
Categoría Jardineras
Material Dolomita
Color Blanco puro/Gris/Negro Personalización del soporte
Superficie Esmaltado
Forma Cuerpo cilíndrico recto
Dimensiones 14.3*13.2 / 17.5*16.3 / 21.5*20 cm
Cantidad 4 Conjuntos
Peso neto 19.17KG
Peso bruto  20.67KG
Dimensiones de la caja exterior 0.45*0.45*0.24
Volumen de caja 0.049 cubic meters

Statement Decor Piece

 “Statement Decor Piece – A Bold Choice for Any Space” These flowerpots are more than just plant holders; they’re a statement in design. The black and gold color scheme is bold yet sophisticated, ideal for spaces that aim to impress.

Professional Preference

“Professional Preference – Trusted by Horticulture Experts” Our cup-shaped ceramic flowerpots are a popular choice among horticulture experts for their durability and stylish appearance, making them a preferred wholesale item for professional use.

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