China Fujian Dehua Tongxin Ceramics Co., Ltd.: Shaping the Future of the Global Ceramic Plant Pot Industry

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Fujian Dehua Tongxin Ceramics Co., Ltd., a Chinese ceramic plant pot industry leader, is pioneering a new era in the global smart manufacturing of flower pots. Not only is it the largest factory in its category in Fujian Province, but it has also become a significant supplier in the global market, gaining widespread acclaim for its exceptional product quality and innovative designs.
Flowerpot Industrial Park

Company Overview:

With two ceramic production factories, a ceramic machinery R&D factory, and a 65,000-square-meter industrial park under construction, Tongxin Ceramics continues to expand its business scope and market influence. The industrial park is expected to achieve a production and sales value of 2 billion yuan by 2025 and 5 billion yuan by 2030.

Product Introduction:

As a distinguished China ceramic plant pot wholesale supplier, Tongxin Ceramics offers a diverse range of products, including:

Market and Collaboration:

Tongxin Ceramics primarily serves the European and North American markets, partnering with large-scale green plant wholesale farms and supermarkets worldwide, such as Costco in the USA and BC Company in the Netherlands. Additionally, the company has established long-term relationships with global chain supermarkets like IKEA and Walmart.

Ceramic flowerpot showroom11 Ceramic flowerpot showroom12

Technology and Innovation:

The company boasts over 30 automated production lines and 7 tunnel kilns, producing hundreds of thousands of flower pots daily. In its manufacturing processes, Tongxin Ceramics emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability, using low-temperature firing techniques (1000-1200 degrees Celsius) to ensure the eco-friendliness and biodegradability of its products.


Fujian Dehua Tongxin Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a leader in providing high-quality ceramic flower pots and sets new standards in smart manufacturing and environmental sustainability. With the upcoming completion and operation of the Global Flower Pot Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park, Tongxin Ceramics is undoubtedly poised to continue leading the industry toward a brighter future.


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