Hot Model Hand-painted Simple Ceramic Flower Pot set

Make your indoor or outdoor space blossom with this beautiful hot-sale hand-painted simple ceramic flower pot set. This must-have set includes 3 tapered round pots in small, medium, and large sizes, each featuring a delicate hand-painted pattern in glossy white glaze.

  • Item#TX18015
  • 4.2in Dia. x 3.3in High
  • 5.5in Dia. x 4.2in High
  • 6.7in Dia. x 5.7in High
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  • The Hand-painted Simple Ceramic Flower Pot set is Simple and generous modeling, hand-painted patterns are exquisite
  • The material is ceramic dolomite, low-temperature firing, durable, easy to take care of
  • A set of three different sizes of pots, small pots can be used for desktop plants, large pots can be placed outdoors
  • Drainage holes at the bottom, easy to drain out excess water
  • Can be used in different indoor and outdoor spaces such as balconies, window sillings, coffee tables, gardens, etc.
  • The smooth surface allows you to clean quickly and also highlights the plant better
  • Colors include white, gray, etc.
  • We also support customization, you can send us your
  • Pantone color number for customization.

Design Details​

  • The mouth of the planter has a rounded design to reduce the risk of possible hand scratches during use.
  • With drainage holes at the bottom, excess water can flow out, ensuring that the roots of the plants do not rot due to being submerged in water.
  • The smooth glazed surface not only looks more upscale and beautiful, it is easier to clean and more hygienic at the same time.
  • Each planter undergoes strict quality control and testing during the production process, which ensures that every product meets the high standard of quality requirements, providing consumers with a reliable guarantee.

Applications and Scenarios​

  • Home Decor: Ideal for living rooms, balconies, or any other space needing a touch of beauty.
  • Gardening: Perfect for small plants, succulents, or herbs.
  • Gifts: This makes for a stylish and functional gift for plant lovers.
  • Retail: An excellent addition to garden centers, plant shops, and other retail settings.
  • Desktop green potted plants: perfect for some small green plants, such as cactus, red beans, and so on
  • Balcony greening: with some colorful small flowers, beautify the balcony
  • Window sill decoration: one or several arranged on the window sill, to increase business
  • Coffee table decoration: with green plants, warm and decorate the home space


Product Name Hot model hand-painted simple ceramic flower pot - Set of 3
Item No. TX18015
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Glazed
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Small Pot Dimensons:4.2*3.3 inches
Medium Pot Dimensons:5.5*4.2 inches
Large Pot Dimensons:6.7*5.5 inches
Quantity 16 sets
Net Weight 28.8KG
Gross Weight  30.3KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.73*0.37*0.43
Box Volume 0.116 cubic meters

Hot Hand-painted Simple Ceramic Flower Pot Set of 3

This hand-painted ceramic planter set has a relaxed, minimalist style while having a smooth glaze for easy daily care and maintenance. Versatile and a very hot seller. This planter set is available in 3 different sizes for you to choose from, allowing you to create a coherent look that will display your greenery beautifully.

Timeless Beauty for Every Space

Add oodles of greenery to your home decor with these hand-painted simple ceramic planters. Perfect for flowers, herbs, and small plants, these hand-painted ceramic planters are small enough to be placed on a desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, or patio. Use all 3 planters to create a lovely centerpiece on your dining room table, or use them separately to bring modern style to your entire home. With a ribbed look, drainage holes, and a bottom saucer to simplify plant care, these planters are both stylish and functional.

Premium Ceramic Craftsmanship

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these planters not only offer elegance but also longevity. The ceramic material resists wear and tear, ensuring that your planters maintain their exquisite appearance over time.

Ideal for Gift-Giving

These elegant pots make for thoughtful and stylish gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a housewarming, a birthday, or any special occasion, a white ceramic flower pot with a saucer is a gift that brings both beauty and practicality to any home. These hand-painted ceramic planters not only elevate interior decor but also provide the perfect vessel for nurturing your favorite plants.

Experience the allure of the Hot Model Hand-Painted Simple Ceramic Planter Set and transform your living space. Order your set today to infuse timeless beauty into your home decor.

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