Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter,Flower Pot Designs

Nordic Tall Planter is a kind of planter product originated from the style of Nordic countries with unique design and features. It is made of high-quality ceramic, and the common colors are white, black, grey and so on, presenting a modern and minimalist style that meets the aesthetics of most people.

  • 12*13.4 cm
  • 14.2*18.4 cm
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The biggest feature of the Nordic high-leg flowerpot is its high-leg design. The pot bottom bracket is higher than the ground so that the entire pot body is placed vertically, forming an elegant beauty. Compared with traditional flowerpots, Nordic tall flowerpots highlight the greenness and beauty of plants, adding a sense of three-dimensionality and layering.

Design Details​

  • Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter is usually made with high-quality ceramic material
  • Compared with ordinary flower pots, it has a higher bottom and longer legs, and the body of the pot is higher than the ground, which makes the pot more vertical and shows an elegant modeling aesthetic.
  • The shape is simple, with a straight single-line design, presenting a clean, refreshing, and natural visual effect.
  • Not only can it be used to plant flowers, but also as a decorative item to be placed in indoor or outdoor areas, adding a cozy and literary atmosphere.


Product Name Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter
Item No. JW10119
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Matte
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Dimensons 12*13.4 / 14.2*18.4 cm
Weight 0.541/0.948 kg
Quantity 36 / 24 pcs
Net Weight 19.48 / 22.76KG
Gross Weight  20.58 / 24.26 KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.51*0.39*0.42 / 0.62*0.47*0.38
Box Volume 0.0836 / 0.111cubic meters

Applications and Scenarios​

  • Home Decor: Ideal for living rooms, balconies, or any other space needing a touch of beauty.
  • Gardening: Perfect for small plants, succulents, or herbs.
  • Gifts: This makes for a stylish and functional gift for plant lovers.
  • Retail: An excellent addition to garden centers, plant shops, and other retail settings.
  • Desktop green potted plants: perfect for some small green plants, such as cactus, red beans, and so on
  • Balcony greening: with some colorful small flowers, beautify the balcony
  • Window sill decoration: one or several arranged on the window sill, to increase business
  • Coffee table decoration: with green plants, warm and decorate the home space

Production Process for Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter

Material procurement: Raw materials like ceramic and plastic are purchased for production based on product specs and requirements and quality checked.
Molding: Materials are fed into automated molding machines to form molds based on product size specs to ensure uniform dimensions and consistent quality.
Firing: Molded products are fired at high temperatures to increase hardness and strength, creating smoother, clearer surfaces.
Surface treatment: Fired products undergo surface treatments like paint spraying, polishing, sanding to achieve the desired aesthetic.
Quality inspection: Products are inspected for design, quality, and regulatory compliance.
Packaging and shipping: Completed products are packaged based on orders, labeled, and shipped to customers or warehouses for sale and use.

Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter Quality and Durability

Nordic Tall Ceramic Planter offers both beauty and function, our flower pots for succulents emerge as a clear choice. As a testament to quality craftsmanship, every pot promises to be a timeless addition to your space, blending the finest aspects of art and utility.

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