Wholesale Scandinavian Basic Flower Pots – Understated Elegance for Every Home

Our Scandinavian Basic Flower Pots are the epitome of minimalistic design and functional elegance. Available wholesale, these pots are perfect for those who appreciate clean lines and understated beauty in their plant displays. Offered in a range of soft, neutral colors, they provide the perfect foundation for any plant to shine.

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  • Minimalist Scandinavian Aesthetics: With a focus on simplicity and functionality, these pots boast a sleek design that complements any decor style, from the modern, chic apartment to the tranquil, Zen-inspired office space.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each pot is crafted with care from high-grade materials, offering both durability and a fine finish that enhances the natural beauty of your botanicals.

  • Versatile Decor Piece: Available in various sizes and soft hues, these pots can seamlessly integrate into any setting, serving as a standalone piece or part of a cohesive collection.

  • Designed for Function: The Scandinavian design is not only about looks; each pot features a drainage hole to promote plant health, keeping your greenery vibrant and thriving.

  • Wholesale Availability: Ideal for retailers, our pots are available in bulk, allowing you to provide quality and style to customers looking to elevate their indoor or outdoor plant game.

Modern Home Staple:

  • Whether it’s for the avid plant enthusiast or the occasional green-thumb, these Scandinavian Basic Flower Pots are a must-have. Their timeless design ensures they stay in style season after season, becoming a staple in any modern home.

Effortless Elegance:

Bring the effortless elegance of Scandinavian design to your inventory with these basic flower pots. Their classic shape and muted tones are a perfect match for a wide array of plant species, from ferns and succulents to vibrant floral arrangements.


Product Name Wholesale Scandinavian Basic Flower Pots
Item No. TX01
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Glazed
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Dimensons 10cm
Weight 0.312kg
Quantity 48 pcs
Net Weight 21.6KG
Gross Weight  23.1KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.62*0.46*0.56
Box Volume 0.16 cubic meters

A Trusted Wholesaler:

As a wholesaler, we understand the importance of combining quality with aesthetic appeal. With these Scandinavian Basic Flower Pots, you can trust that you’re offering your customers a product that meets the highest standards of both.

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