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Лучшие цветочные горшки для суккулентов

Flower Pots for Succulents encapsulate an unmatched blend of durability and refined aesthetics. Crafted from premium stoneware, a renowned ceramic known for its incredible resilience and resistance to heat, these pots stand the test of time without compromising on beauty

  • 12.1cm Dia. x 9.5cm High
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Featuring a white matte finish, every pot radiates a soft, sophisticated glow. The smooth and chic appearance of our succulent planters not only serves as an elegant decor piece but also complements the vibrant green of the plants within. Intricately added to the design are two small bumps on the side, which, while subtle, serve as captivating decorative elements that enhance the overall look and feel.

Versatile Planting Options

  • These succulent containers are versatile in every sense. Whether you’re looking to pot robust succulents, aromatic herbs, or vibrant flowers, this pot ensures that each plant type stands out beautifully. And while succulents are often the first choice, due to the stoneware’s impressive properties, a wide variety of plants can thrive within.

Indoor and Outdoor Placement

  • Its adaptability extends beyond plant type. Whether you’re aiming for an indoor zen corner or want to elevate your outdoor garden space, these planters for succulents offer the flexibility you need. Their design ensures they seamlessly fit into any environment, be it a minimalist living room or a spacious balcony.

Технические характеристики

Название продукта Flower Pots For Succulents
Артикул. JW00658.12
Категория Плантаторы
Материал Доломит
Цвет Чистый белый/серый/черный Поддержка персонализации
Поверхность Глазурь
Форма Цилиндрический прямой корпус
Dimensons 12.1*9.5 cm
Вес 0.671kg
Количество 24 pcs
Вес нетто 16.1KG
Вес брутто  17.6KG
Размеры внешней коробки 0.62*0.47*0.21
Объем коробки 0.062 cubic meters

Flower Pots For Succulents Quality and Durability

When it comes to selecting a pot that offers both beauty and function, our цветочные горшки для суккулентов emerge as a clear choice. As a testament to quality craftsmanship, every pot promises to be a timeless addition to your space, blending the finest aspects of art and utility.

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