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Набор бежевых плантаторов Streamline, набор плантаторов для открытого грунта

Streamlined Outdoor Planter Set, display and arrange your potted plants in the way you want with three different, is the perfect all-season container for nearly any plant in any space, whether indoors or out.

  • Item#JW70033A
  • 13.3cm Dia. x 11.3cm High
  • 16.5cm Dia. x 14.5cm High
  • 20cm Dia. x 18cm High
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  • The streamlined look is simple yet stylish.
  • Made of ceramic dolomite, medium temperature firing, durable, and easy to take care of.
  • A set of three different sizes of pots, small pots can be used for desktop plants, and large pots can be placed outdoors.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom for easy draining of excess water.
  • Can be used in different outdoor and indoor spaces such as gardens, windowsills, coffee tables, etc.
  • Colors include beige, white, grey, and so on.
  • We also support customization, you can put your
  • Номер цвета Pantone для персонализации.

Детали дизайна

  • The mouth of the planter has a rounded design that reduces the risk of potentially scratching your hands during use and cleaning.
  • With drainage holes at the bottom, excess water can flow out, ensuring that the roots of plants will not rot due to soaking in water.
  • Matte texture, stylish and simple.
  • Medium temperature firing, more sturdy.
  • Tip: This planter does not come with a base saucer.

Приложения и сценарии

  • Living Room: Perfect for adding a touch of greenery, it can hold medium-sized plants that accentuate interior aesthetics.
  • Bedrooms: Ideal for air-purifying plants, aiding in better sleep quality and ambiance.
  • Lobbies: It serves as an elegant holder for decorative plants that welcome visitors.
  • Patios: Suitable for both ornamental and functional plants like herbs.
  • Borders and Edges: The pot is optimal for plants that serve as natural borders or edging, given its substantial size.
  • Centerpieces: It can hold statement plants that serve as focal points in garden designs.
  • Питомники: Ideal for the initial stages of larger plants before they’re ready for transplantation.
  • Greenhouses: Perfect for cultivating sensitive plants that need controlled environments.
  • Versatility: It’s ideal for a wide range of plant types, including flowers, succulents, herbs, and small shrubs.
  • Mobility: Easy to move and handle, facilitating optimal sunlight exposure and convenience in rearranging.

Технические характеристики

Название продукта Набор уличных плантаторов Streamline
Артикул. JW70033A
Категория Плантаторы
Материал Доломит
Цвет Beige/White/Grey etc. Support customization
Поверхность Матовый
Форма Цилиндр обтекаемой формы
Маленький горшок Dimensons:13.3*11.3 cm
Средний горшок Dimensons:16.5*14.5 cm
Большой горшок Dimensons:20*18 cm
Количество 6 sets
Вес нетто 17.24KG
Вес брутто  18.74KG
Размеры внешней коробки 0.6*0.4*0.19
Объем коробки 0.046 cubic meters

Набор уличных плантаторов Streamline

We’ve handpicked a range of streamlined planters in small, medium, and large sizes to ensure that every plant lover can find the perfect home for their green companions, from petite miniatures to majestic tall plants, from outdoors to indoors, and from fresh and bright blues to cozy and romantic pastel yellows, each one is a symphony of color that will add vibrancy to your plants.

Нестареющая красота для любого пространства

Streamline outdoor planter set, is ideal for enhancing indoor spaces like living rooms and offices, as well as outdoor areas like balconies and gardens. Its size is perfect for a diverse range of plants, offering ample room for growth while ensuring portability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to adorn your interior settings, create lush outdoor environments, or even cultivate plants in specialized settings like nurseries and greenhouses, this flowerpot is a versatile and practical choice. It embodies the intersection of form and function, catering to both ornamental and practical planting needs.

Керамические изделия премиум-класса

Our streamlined outdoor planter set is made from high-quality ceramic, the streamlined shape is beautiful. Not only suitable for your cozy living room and balcony, but also can accompany your plants to stretch out outdoors.

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