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Delicate and Lovely White Flower Pot Set

White flower pot set usually include 2 or 3 flower pots in different sizes. Each pot comes with a set that includes the pot itself and a matching saucer. The pots and saucers are white and made of ceramic, with excellent durability and water resistance. This type of flower pot set is aesthetic, practical, and versatile, commonly used for indoor and outdoor planting of various plants and flowers. The white appearance can match flowers and plants of different colors to create a more harmonious, natural, and comfortable space.

  • 14*11.3 cm
  • 17.2*15.8 cm
  • 21.5*19.6 cm
SKU: TX84058 Black line Категория:
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Advantages of White Flower Pot Set

  1. Elegant: White flower pot set have a clean, refreshing appearance suitable for any indoor or outdoor space. White matches well with flowers and greens of various colors in a harmonious and aesthetic way.
  2. Durable: Our white flower pot sets use durable ceramic materials that are impact and corrosion resistant with good water permeability, suitable for various environments.
  3. Diverse to Meet Needs: White flower pot sets come in various sizes, depths, and dimensions to meet different planting needs and mix and match in different settings, with UV and low temperature resistance for outdoor use.
  4. Easy to Manage: White flower pot sets come with saucers to collect excess water and debris, saving time and effort. The saucers make cleaning easier as well.

Детали дизайна

  • Stylish white design complements any décor.
  • Multiple sizes suit different plants.
  • Easy to use and keep clean with saucers.
  • Durable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • More affordable than buying separately.

Приложения и сценарии

  • Indoor décor: Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and hallways to decorate with flowers, succulents, and small plants.
  • Commercial spaces: Suitable for decorating restaurants, hotels, offices, and exhibition halls by selecting plants and flowers based on venue type to enhance ambiance.
  • Outdoor gardens: Ideal for outdoor gardens like neighborhoods, planters, and landscapes. The simple white appearance blends with the outdoors for a harmonious, natural experience.
  • Gifts: White flower pot sets make great gifts with their reliable quality and aesthetic design. Gift boxes can contain pots, seeds, and soil for plants suitable for the pots, both useful and aesthetic.

Технические характеристики

Название продукта Delicate and Lovely White Flower Pot Set
Артикул. TX84058
Категория Плантаторы
Материал Доломит
Цвет As Pic
Поверхность Glossy
Форма Цилиндр обтекаемой формы
Маленький горшок Dimensons:14*11.3 cm
Средний горшок Dimensons:17.2*15.8 cm
Большой горшок Dimensons:21.5*19.6 cm
Количество 8 комплектов
Вес нетто 24.28KG
Вес брутто  25.78KG
Размеры внешней коробки 0.47*0.46*0.41
Объем коробки 0.089 cubic meters

Production Process for White Flower Pot Sets

  1. Material procurement: Raw materials like ceramic and plastic are purchased for production based on product specs and requirements and quality checked.
  2. Molding: Materials are fed into automated molding machines to form molds based on product size specs to ensure uniform dimensions and consistent quality.
  3. Firing: Molded products are fired at high temperatures to increase hardness and strength, creating smoother, clearer surfaces.
  4. Surface treatment: Fired products undergo surface treatments like paint spraying, polishing, sanding to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  5. Quality inspection: Products are inspected for design, quality, and regulatory compliance.
  6. Packaging and shipping: Completed products are packaged based on orders, labeled, and shipped to customers or warehouses for sale and use.

White Ceramic Pot Set FAQ

Rectangular planters should be kept clean and dry during use, taking care to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or rain impact. Protect the appearance and performance of the planter.

Yes, please check the Pantone color card number and send the color you need to order to the staff of Tongxin factory.

All ceramic planter sets have drainage holes at the bottom to drain out excess water. Adequate drainage is vital to prevent waterlogged soil and root rot.
If you want to bar the rectangular planter for indoors. You can also choose to leave out the drainage holes or add saucers to the bottom of the planter.

Generally the MOQ for white ceramic planter set is from one cabinet.

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