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TongXin Ceramics, as one of the top flower pot manufacturers, with 30 years of rich experience, has grown into an OEM China supplier of flower pots integrating design, production, and sales. Our own ceramic raw material mine is equipped with thirty fully automated production lines and several large tunnel kilns, with a daily production capacity of up to 300,000 flower pots. We occupy an important position in the domestic market and export our products to Europe and America.

Talk to us about wholesale product pricing and services

As a customer, you can get high-quality flower pots directly from our factory through wholesale, without too many intermediate links, to get high-cost performance. We have strong customization ability and can design and produce the ideal flower pots according to your needs.

Whether you are an importer, wholesaler, retailer, florist, or landscape designer, If you want to buy flower pots in bulk, you can contact us via email to inquire about our wholesale prices and services:

We recommend that you provide detailed requirements for your company so that we can communicate with you quickly and effectively. As a direct supplier from a large factory, inquiring with us can also earn you discount benefits!

Why order flower pots and pottery from TX Ceramics?

  • Experienced: With 30 years of experience in manufacturing flower pots, we understand the needs of our customers.
  • High-quality products: We use high-quality raw materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Huge production capacity: We have automated production lines and large kilns
  • Complete assortment: Various styles and sizes of flower pots are available.
  • Cost-effective: direct factory wholesale, the price advantage is obvious.
  • Fast delivery: efficient and convenient logistics
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    Recommendation of hot-selling flowerpot styles

    Round flower pots are available in a wide range of styles, including white plain, blue and white, rough pottery, etc., with sizes ranging from 10cm to 100cm to meet the needs of different occasions. Round planter shape generous, large capacity, is the most common shape of the planter.

    Hot Sale black decal flowerpots
    Black round flowerpots
    Round electroplated flowerpots
    Round electroplated flowerpots
    White&Black round flowerpots
    White&Black round flowerpots

    Our indoor flower pots are highly popular and suitable for various settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, offices, and stores. These exquisite ceramic flower pots create diverse atmospheres, enhancing the overall ambiance. Click to explore more indoor flower pots.

    small ceramic flower pots bulk
    indoor white flower pots
    indoor white striped flower pot
    indoor white striped flower pot
    indoor blue square flower pot
    indoor square flower Pot

    These outdoor flower pots are typically purchased by those looking to decorate courtyards, balconies, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. We also have a professional design team to assist you in plant and space arrangements.

    Electroplated flowerpot gold color
    Silver Electroplated Flower pot
    outdoor multi-Color flowerpots
    Wholesale Simple Flower Pot
    outdoor multi-Color flowerpots
    Multi-color Outdoor Flower Pot

    Wholesale Multi-color Planters

    Multi-color planters add more choices to traditional single-color planters, such as two-color pots, three-color pots, and shades of the same color combination.

    Low Bowl Planter
    dopamine creative flower pots
    round flower pot bowl Matte
    matte creative flower pots
    flower pot crafts
    cute indoor flower pots

    Wholesale Printed Flower Pot

    Printed flower pots add beauty and storytelling ability to the flower pots by printing patterns. Patterns can be printed on plants, animals, slogans, and more.

    exquisite printed flower pot
    Cute Printed Ceramic Flower pot
    Gold Printed Flowerpot
    Gold Printed Flower pot
    Round Printed Flower Pot
    Round Printed Flower Pot

    Wholesale of Various Shapes of Flower Pots, Creating Unique Garden Styles

    We provide a variety of flower pot shapes to meet your creative preferences. Whether your garden requires round, square, wavy, or elliptical flower pots, we can fulfill your needs. Our diverse-shaped flower pots add unique charm to your garden. Buy different-shaped flower pots to infuse personality and style into your garden!

    European Striped Flower Pot
    European Striped Flower Pot
    Imitation Bouquet Flower Pot
    Bouquet Flower Pot
    Cute Rabbit Flower Pot
    Cute Rabbit Flower Pot

    Balcony flower pots wholesale

    Specially designed for balcony garden planters, with windproof fixed function. Including railing hanging planters and balcony landscape planters two types.

    Hanging Ceramic Flower Pot
    Hanging Ceramic Flower Pot
    Sunflower Balcony Flower pot
    Wholesale hand-painted planters
    Gold Electroplated Flowerpot
    Gold Electroplated Flowerpot

    Glazed ceramic flower pots are characterized by a unique glaze effect that creates an oriental aesthetic. The glazes come in a variety of colors, not limited to the traditional lime green, teal brown, and celadon, but also in more innovative colors.

    Simple flower pots wholesale
    TX0016012 5
    Electroplated flower pots
    Basic White Round Balcony Planter
    Classic Polygonal Flowerpot

    Wholesale Customized Ceramic Flower Pots

    We provide wholesale services for personalized and customized flower pots, including OEM/ODM. With a dedicated design and research team, we can tailor flower pots to your specifications, meeting your unique decorative needs!

    Basic Pure White Glazed flower pot
    Classic White Flower Pot
    Hand-painted glazed flowerpot
    Simple flower pots wholesale
    Dopamine Glazed Flower Pot
    Multi-color planter customization

    We provide solutions for different customers

    • Garden Centers: Enriching the shopping experience with a wide selection of planters
    • Nurseries: Display plants in a variety of pots to promote sales.
    • Designers: Provide design inspiration and realize creativity.
    • Florists: the best vehicle for display and sales
    • Supermarkets: displaying practical and aesthetic planters

    Customized Service

    TongXin Ceramics has a strong design and R&D team and can provide customized service. Customers can choose the ideal shape, size, glaze color, printing, and material, and fully discuss with the designer to design a unique personalized planter.

    Our designers will make creative designs according to the customer’s requirements on style, usage, budget, and other aspects, and provide a variety of different options for selection. From the first design discussion to the delivery of the product, the entire customization cycle takes about 40-60 working days. Welcome interested customers to contact us, we are looking forward to providing professional OEM service for you!

    All kinds of flower pots are available for wholesale service. We sincerely welcome gardening centers, florists, gardening enthusiasts, interior and exterior designers, etc. to choose TX Ceramics as a wholesale planter supplier!


    Depending on the product type, there is generally no minimum order requirement, except for custom orders.

    Common types of ceramic flower pots are: alabaster flower pots, celadon flower pots, white porcelain flower pots, antique flower pots, glazed flower pots and so on. You can choose according to your preference and decorative style.

    We can provide free samples, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

    the order quantity, often saving you over 30%.

    Shipping costs and delivery times depend on the destination and order quantity. We provide detailed shipping information.

    • Submit an inquiry
    • Sign a contract
    • Place an order
    • Production and delivery
    • Receive and inspect the goods
    • Pay the invoice
    • After-sales service

    We have a design and R&D team, and can provide customized planters according to customers' needs, whether it is shape, color or pattern. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

    The price of ceramic flower pots varies greatly according to size, style and brand. With us, you can get a big discount through direct factory wholesale. Welcome to inquire about wholesale price.

    If you have a small space on your windowsill, you can choose small, simple round or square ceramic flower pots in white or light colors.

    Avoid violent collision, use both hands to support the bottom of the flower pot when handling; timely cleaning after use, if necessary, you can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the flower pot; do not expose the flower pot to sunlight for a long time.

    Why Choose Ceramic Flower Pots?

    Flowerpot Materials

    Ceramic PotElegant appearance and texture, good moisture retentionExquisite appearance, excellent moisture retentionFragile, prone to breakage
    Plastic PotLightweight, resistant to breakageLightweight, durable, resistant to breakagePoor moisture retention, simple appearance and texture
    Metal PotModern appearance, some metals are rust-resistantModern appearance, rust-resistant in some casesHeavy weight, not suitable for long-term storage of wet soil
    Wooden PotNatural and warm feel, requires waterproof coatingNatural feel, suitable for short-term decorationRequires additional waterproof coating, less durable than ceramics
    Fiber PotLightweight, low costLightweight, cost-effective, suitable for temporary greeningSimple and unattractive appearance, not suitable for long-term use
    • Appearance & Texture: Ceramic flower pots are known for their exquisite appearance and colorful glaze, suitable for various decorative styles. From traditional to modern, their delicate appearance makes them an ideal choice for interior and exterior decor.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Made from natural materials like clay, ceramic flower pots are biodegradable in the short term.
    • Durability: While ceramic flower pots are more prone to breakage, they typically offer long-term durability. With careful use and maintenance, their lifespan can be extended.
    • Moisture Retention: Ceramic flower pots have some moisture retention properties, helping to maintain soil moisture levels. This is ideal for plants that require stable humidity, making them especially suitable for indoor cultivation.
    • Versatility: Ceramic flower pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them adaptable to various settings, from indoor living rooms to outdoor gardens.

      In summary, ceramic flower pots excel in terms of aesthetics, durability, environmental friendliness, and versatility, making them a preferred choice for those who prioritize both decoration and gardening.

    Tips for planting and arranging

    • Avoid over-watering, check the soil moisture before watering to prevent waterlogged pots from causing root rot.
    • Match plants with different heights, colors, and shapes to complement each other.
    • The use of high and low levels, large pots with small pots can enrich the sense of space and increase the level.
    • Different functions of the room can be used to target strong pots, such as the study with herbs, bedroom can be used for succulents.
    • The dining room can be used for fresh herb pots, kitchen can be used for small seasoning herb pots.
    • The balcony can use the parapet hanging flower pots, a rich sense of space. Large landscape planters can also be used to create a small garden theme. The office can be in the work area with some small green plant pots, relaxing the work atmosphere.

    Ceramic flowerpot generation process

    1. Slip Casting: Pouring ceramic slip into molds to shape the pots.

    2. Demolding: Removing the pots from the molds, often requires careful handling to prevent damage.

    3. Drying: Allowing the ceramic pots to dry thoroughly, which usually takes some time.

    4. Trimming and Cleaning: Trimming the edges and surfaces of the pots to ensure their shape and quality, followed by cleaning to remove residual slip and impurities.

    5. Painting and Glazing: If needed, apply paint and glaze to the pots for decoration and surface protection.

    6. Kiln Firing: Placing the pots in a kiln for high-temperature firing, is a crucial step to cure and harden the ceramics.
    7. Quality Inspection: Checking the quality of the ceramic pots, including shape, color, surface smoothness, etc., to ensure they meet standards.

    8. Unloading from Kiln: Removing the finished ceramic pots from the kiln, and preparing them for the next steps.

    9. Packaging and Warehousing: Packaging the pots, often using appropriate protective materials, and storing them in a warehouse for sale.

    10. Loading: Loading the packaged ceramic pots onto vehicles, ready to be shipped to distributors or end customers.

    Wholesale price is affordable small batch ordering flexibility support mixed batch.order now and save 30%!

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