5.5 Inch Black Pots for Indoor Plants with Drainage Holes

5.5 Inch Black Indoor Plant Pot with Drainage Hole, Cylindrical Planter Ceramic Planter with Tray, Cactus Succulent Outdoor Garden Planter with 4 Different Decal Patterns, Classes for Decal Customization.

  • Item#TX5509562 Black
  • 5.5in Dia. x 5.31in High
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  • 5.5 inch black pots for indoor plants provide a monochromatic base, allowing the planter to be the stage for plant displays.
  • Fashioned from the pure embrace of ceramic and dolomite, these pots, kissed by low-temperature fires, promise longevity and a graceful aging.
  • With a size so perfect, these 5.5 Inch Black Pots not only grace desktops with luscious green but can also bask beneath the vast sky.
  • Thoughtfully designed, each pot drains away excess.
  • Let them adorn your balcony, windowsill, or coffee table, a timeless testament to beauty in spaces, both within and without.
  • Your vision, our canvas. Share your designs or LOGO, and let these 5.5 Inch Black Pots become the muse for your unique story.

Design Details​

  • Low temperature firing once and then paste the flower paper, after the paste, a second firing is to prevent the flower paper from being scratched or falling off.
  • The glazed planter can be more convenient for you to clean the planter daily.
  • No more overwatered plants or messy spills!
  • Each of our 5.5 inch black Pots comes with a thoughtful drainage hole and a matching saucer, making your plant care routine a cinch.
  • And for those who love a personal touch, the pot’s decal is where your creativity can shine. Whether it’s a design you adore or something uniquely you, we’re here to make it happen.

Applications and Scenarios​

  • Dining Table: Elevate meal settings with a touch of green.
  • Hallway: A welcoming plant right at the entrance.
  • Bathroom: Add a humidity-loving plant for a spa vibe.
  • Window Sill: Sun-loving plants catching morning rays.
  • Study Area: Boost concentration with a calming plant presence.


Product Name 5.5 Inch Black Pots for Indoor Plants
Item No. TX5509562 black
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Glazed
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Height 5.31 inch
Top diameter 5.5 inch
Weight 0.549kg
Quantity 48 pcs
Net Weight 26.35KG
Gross Weight  27.85
Outer Box Dimensions 0.62*0.46*0.56
Box Volume 0.16 cubic meters

5.5 Inch Black Pots for indoor plants for all your planting needs

Affordable flower pots offer budding gardeners and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike the flexibility to experiment freely, nurturing a diverse range of plants without breaking the bank. Their cost-effectiveness also allows for wider distribution across various spaces, be it balconies, window sills, or office desks, making greenery accessible and enhancing any environment without a hefty price tag.

5.5 inch black pots for wholesale retail or gift-giving

Our 5.5-inch black Flower Pots distinguish themselves with their unmatched quality, offering a unique design that elevates any indoor plant display. For businesses looking to purchase in bulk, we provide volume-based pricing, ensuring maximum value on large orders. What sets our pots apart isn’t just their aesthetic versatility, but their capacity to cater to a myriad of indoor plants, solidifying their status as a top choice for many. Thanks to our state-of-the-art fully automated production line, clients can expect speedy deliveries, making stock shortages a thing of the past. Recognizing the pivotal role brand differentiation plays in today’s market, we also offer customization options, allowing you to tweak the designs to resonate with your brand’s unique identity.

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