5 Inch Square Flowerpot White

This White 5 inch Square Flower Pot with a 10″ Receiving Tray is ideal for growing small greenery. The square design and white color blend perfectly into modern minimalist spaces.

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  • 5 inch square shape with 10-inch saucer base
  • Made from durable white ceramics
  • Ideal size for small plants and succulents
  • Saucer catches excess water

Design Details​

  • A smooth white finish compliments any decor
  • Clean lines and square shape for a modern aesthetic
  • Angled walls give visual interest
  • Drainage holes in the bottom prevent overwatering

Applications and Scenarios​

  • Display small houseplants or mini succulent gardens
  • Accent modern window sills and tabletops
  • Use in geometric courtyard and patio designs
  • Mix and match multiple for minimalist plantings
  • Windowsill herb garden or desk succulent display
  • Repurpose as mini cache pot or jewelry tray


Product Name 5 Inch Square Flowerpot White
Item No. TX201
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Glazed
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Height 10cm
Top diameter 10cm
Weight 0.312kg
Quantity 48 pcs
Net Weight 21.6KG
Gross Weight  23.1KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.62*0.46*0.56
Box Volume 0.16 cubic meters

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