Green Ceramic Plant Pots – A Premium Selection for Business Interiors

Revitalize your business environment with our premium 8-inch green ceramic plant pots. These pots are engineered with a focus on durability and style, ensuring they seamlessly blend into any commercial space. Available in a convenient set, they cater to various plant sizes and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office or retail area.

  • 14*13.5 cm
  • 17*16 cm
  • 21*19 cm
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Sophisticated Greenery

  •  “Sophisticated Greenery – Enhance Your Commercial Decor” Our green ceramic pots are more than just plant containers; they are a sophisticated addition to your business decor. Their vibrant color and round shape add a modern twist to traditional greenery, bringing life and energy to any commercial setting.

Versatile & Stylish

  • “Versatile & Stylish – Diverse Sizes for Every Plant” This set of ceramic pots comes in diverse sizes, designed to accommodate different plant types, from petite succulents to larger foliage. Their versatility makes them essential for businesses looking to introduce plant life into their spaces.
Green Ceramic Plant Pots - A Premium Selection for Business Interiors
8 Inch Ceramic Plant Pots - A Premium Selection for Business Interiors

Superior Durability

  •  “Superior Durability – Crafted for Commercial Use” Each pot is meticulously crafted to endure the daily wear and tear of commercial environments. With durability as a priority, these green ceramic pots maintain their pristine appearance, offering a long-lasting, stylish home for your plants.


Product Name Green Ceramic Plant Pots
Item No. HY71
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Glazed
Shape Cylindrical Straight Body
Dimensons 14*13.5 / 17*16 / 21*19 cm
Quantity 8 Sets
Net Weight 29.6KG
Gross Weight  31.1KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.47*0.46*0.42
Box Volume 0.091 cubic meters

Eco-Friendly Ambiance

  •  “Eco-Friendly Ambiance – For a Sustainable Space” Incorporate a sustainable element into your workspace with our eco-friendly ceramic pots. They are not just plant holders; they are a step towards a greener, more environmentally conscious business practice.

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