Gray ceramic flower pots for indoor use

Display your lush indoor plants in subtle sophistication with our elegant gray ceramic flower pots. These round matte gray planters lend understated style to shelves, tabletops, and windowsills in any room. Let their neutral versatility inspire your indoor garden.

  • Item#W7400000
  • 12.4cm Dia. x 9.7cm High
  • 17.5cm Dia. x 10.3cm High
  • 20.2cm Dia. x 12.4cm High
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  • Natural ceramic material, high temperature firing resistance, long service life
  • Cylindrical shape, 6 inches in diameter, accommodates small plants and flowers
  • Elegant matte anthracite gray tone, neutral and excellent with home style
  • Water filtration holes at the bottom, with non-slip feet to protect furniture and wooden floors
  • Available in matte white, black-brown, peacock green, dark grey, light grey, etc.

Design Details​

  • With a smooth matte gray finish and no embellishments, these planters complement both modern and traditional spaces.
  • The included drainage holes prevent overwatering.
  • Medium temperature firing, more sturdy.
  • Tip: This planter does not come with a base saucer.

Applications and Scenarios​

  • Desktop greenery – Place on bookshelves or dining tables to display small succulents or cacti.
  • Windowsill mini gardens – Situate in bedroom or living room windowsills to grow your favorite petite blooms.
  • Wall-mounted planters – Hang on walls utilizing the back drainage holes to exhibit trailing plants.
  • Coordinated clusters – Group multiples in the same size for a minimalist yet cohesive green display.
  • Orchid pots – Use cache pots for orchids to accentuate their elegant stance.
  • Houseplant repotting – Repot indoor plants into these pots regularly.

Gray ceramic flower pots Specification

Product Name Gray ceramic flower pots
Item No. W7400000
Category Planters
Material Dolomite
Color Pure White/Grey/Black Support customization
Surface Matte/Glossy
Shape Streamlined Cylinder
Small Pot Dimensons:12.4*9.7 cm
Medium Pot Dimensons:17.5*10.3 cm
Large Pot Dimensons:20.2*12.4 cm
Quantity 6 sets
Net Weight 16.46KG
Gross Weight  17.96KG
Outer Box Dimensions 0.64*0.43*0.14
Box Volume 0.039 cubic meters

Indoor Gray Ceramic Flower Pots Manufacturer

We are a ceramic flower pot factory in China, which is generated by fully automatic mechanical equipment. It greatly improves the production efficiency and can save a lot of labor cost, so as to get a very good price advantage.

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